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Stealodeal Protected Slim Stainless Steel It is designed in a professional and stylish look that felicitates each age group of people to use it at any time instances. • Apart from storing credit and debit card it can also store Identity, Insurance, and Smartcards etc in a single holder that also in a much sorted and convenient way which leverages ease of use of any cards at any place at any time interval, • Hence it is also termed as Multipurpose Card Holder. Secure & Stylish Design Blocks Invasive Scanner Signals: • Our safe wallet blocks the invasive signals while maintaining a smart-looking stainless steel finish. • Suitable for laser engraving • A very nice box. This new gift package will protect the Blocking Card Holder better. Best choice if you are looking for a gift. Our Features of Trust Building

StealODeal Protected Slim Stainless Steel Debit/Credit/ATM Slots 6 Card Holder (

₹499.00 Regular Price
₹167.00Sale Price
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