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  • Missed the delivery of my order today. What should I do?
    The courier service delivering your order usually tries to deliver on the next business day in case you miss a delivery. You can check your SMS for more details on when the courier service will try to deliver again.
  • Will the delivery be tried again if I'm not able to collect my order the first time?
    Couriers make sure that the delivery is re-attempted the next working day if you can't collect your order the first time.
  • The delivery of my order is delayed. What should I do?
    On the rare occasion that your order is delayed, please check your email & messages for updates. Contact us on customer care no. 9999860145 / 49031531
  • Can I take the shipment after opening and checking the contents inside?
    As per company policy, a shipment can't be opened before delivery, but you can accept the shipment and get in touch with us later in case you have any concerns.
  • How do I know my order has been confirmed?
    An e-mail & SMS will be sent once you've successfully placed your order.
  • If I request for a replacement, when will I get it?"
    Kindly raise a return request to same number or email from which order confirmation is sent.
  • Can items be returned after the time period mentioned ?
  • Is it necessary to have an account to shop on Stealodeal ?
    Yes, it's necessary to log into your Flipkart account to shop. Shopping as a logged-in user is fast & convenient and also provides extra security. You'll have access to a personalised shopping experience including recommendations and quicker check-out.
  • Why do I see different price for the product ?
    Product prices can be changed due to lot of circumstances
  • Are there any guidelines for writing product reviews?
    Product reviews on are a great way to help other customers decide what to buy & avoid. Here are some tips to writing great product reviews: Have you used this product? It's always better to review a product you have personally used. Educate your readers. Provide a relevant, unbiased overview of the product. Readers are interested in the pros and the cons of the product. Make sure your review stands the test of time, and what you write today is relevant even after years. Be yourself, be informative. Let your personality shine through, but it's equally important to provide facts to back up your opinion. Get your facts right! Nothing is worse than inaccurate information. If you're not really sure, research always helps. Stay concise. Be creative but also remember to stay on topic. A catchy title will always get attention! Easy to read, easy on the eyes. A quick edit & spell check will work wonders for your credibility. Also, break reviews into small, easy paragraphs.
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